Margaret Marsh


One of my favourite places to pop in when I’m in the city is the T’Arts Collective shop in Gay’s Arcade.  I was lucky earlier this month to meet Margaret Marsh. She was busy rearranging her beautiful bags and accessories in her window display and was happy to tell me more about her work.

Margaret creates individually designed handbags and purses.

Each piece is a work of art. Using different fabrics, embellishments and needlework techniques, she ensures that no two bags are ever the same.



Margaret inherited her love of fabrics from her mother who introduced her to the joy of creating with needle and thread. She studied Fashion Dressmaking and Design and now applies her skill and talent designing these exquisite accessories.

Creating a bag is like doing a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

“A very simple bag has at least ten essential pieces, but some bags require a lot more. Most of these pieces are not outwardly visible on the finished product, but are integral to a bag that works when it is filled with a myriad of items! My textile bags are treated twice with Scotchguard to provide extra protection when used.”

M Marsh - Flirtini Bag - Aug13_3

Her goal is to create items that are functional as well as visually attractive, a bit whimsical and a pleasure to own. Inspiration comes from a lot of different places – embroidery techniques, beads, shapes and colours, even particular periods in history. Margaret uses different fabrics acquired from shops and markets all over the world. She also creates her own from felting, silk paper, mixed media and yarns. As an accomplished embroiderer, she often uses traditional embroidery techniques interpreted in a non-traditional way.

M Marsh - Afro - mixed media - Dec12_1

Margaret’s other passion and fascination are beads.

The myriad colours and shapes inspire her to create pieces of jewellery for different occasions. She loves working with micro-sized beads where it takes hundreds of beads to create an item of only a few centimetres long. These pieces are designed to complement her bags or to be worn as separates.

Margaret can be contacted through the T’Arts shop and website.

Are you a proud owner of one of Margaret’s bags? Show and tell, please!

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