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12 Projects Inspired by 20th-Century Art from Art Nouveau to Punk & Pop
by Kathreen Ricketson

If you are looking for a book containing quilt patterns and templates to copy, this is not the one. As the title suggests, this one is brave. And new. It makes you look at quilts with fresh eyes.

Kathreen Ricketson needs no introduction. She is the well known and well loved Australian crafter and blogger behind, the creative force behind Action Pack magazine for kids, and author of books like Whip Up Mini Quilts and Little Bits Quilting Bee. Kathreen sadly passed away on May 15, 2013, while fulfilling a lifelong dream of travelling around Australia with her husband and kids.

FORMAT & LAYOUT: The book measures 205 x 254mm and consists of 160 pages, bound in soft cover.

The book is filled with glorious colour photos, depicting her gorgeous family surrounded by her quilts. The sketches and illustrations were done by her husband Rob. These heartwarming photos not only illustrate and accompany her quilt designs but give us an insight into her personality and way of life. For her, work and family were all one holistic way of life and not something to be put into different boxes.

Brave New Quilts IndexCONTENT:
Although the book contains 12 projects, it does not give detailed instructions to copy. It rather inspires the reader to use their own judgement and helps them to gain confidence in their own choice of colours and pattern.

The book starts by explaining basic design principles like space, proportion, pattern and texture, line and shape, balance and symmetry, and colour.

The next chapter builds on these basics by explaining the colour theory, identifying different types, textures, prints and sources of fabric, and suggesting different design tools like mood boards and visual journals.

Brave New Quilts  FamilyThe 12 projects are divided into four categories (Use of Line; Colour; Motif; and Text), which are then further divided into three projects each. Each project is inspired by a different art style, like Bauhaus, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Punk and Pop Art, and combined with a method of quilt creating. With each project, Kathreen explains the thought process behind her design and then give a few ideas and encouragements to the reader to do their own thing, and experiment.

Brave New Quilts ToolsThe book is concluded by a few chapters dealing with tools, assembling and finishing methods, and tips for storing, washing and above all, using your quilts. Right on character, Kathreen adds a long list of links to websites, blogs, tutorials and other online recourses to supplement the mountain of advice, inspiration and information already included in this book.

Brave New Quilts Assembly


As far as quilt books go, this one belongs right up there in the top spot. The book is written for people who have a basic knowledge of sewing and who might have some experience with quilting. It is not a beginners book and if you are someone who needs step-by-step instructions, this will probably not satisfy you. But if you are ready to take a leap into the unknown, to experiment and try your own thing, but lack the confidence or design knowledge, this is for you.

If you have been a follower of Kathreen’s blog, magazine or other books, and want something to celebrate her life and work, this is a fitting tribute. Not only to her amazing talent as a designer and writer but also as a person, mother and wife.

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