Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Members Exhibition

Rather late than never, they say. This post has been sitting in my to-be-published folder for a while as it was originally meant to be published somewhere else. That didn’t happen, but seeing that there is so much talent displayed here I decided to share it here…

Touch of Venice bling mask


The Annual Members Exhibition of the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia was held during February and March as part of the very popular Adelaide Fringe 2014.

The theme, A Touch of Venice, inspired work of excellent quality and creativeness.

Every conceivable style of embroidery was represented – from the more formal counted thread work to the very elaborate beadwork, crewel, and stump work, as well as the more freestyle thread paintings. The works varied from open cloths and garments to framed masterpieces and even included a fair amount of three-dimensional works.

Una Palazzo Veneziano d'Oro

Una Palazzo Veneziano d’Oro

The Una Palazzo Veneziano d’Ora, an original masterpiece produced by the Linen Lace Group was surely the star of the show. The work was inspired by the incense burner from the San Marco Cathedral in Venice.

Carol Stacey from the Linen Lace Group tells us how it all came about:

“When people think of the embroidery techniques of Linen Lace they usually think of mats, doyleys and possibly cushions. The group wanted to show that there was much more you could do with these skills so decided to do a 3D project. As the theme was A Touch of Venice we were thinking of St Marks Square and the Winged Lion, but after seeing a picture of an incense burner from that period we were inspired. It took the group 18 months, a lot of samplers and a lot of discussions. New techniques and ways of doing things were learnt, original ideas were discarded as the project started taking shape and although we always knew we could do it we were not sure that we would complete it in time. It was a great collaborative effort and a lot of fun to do. We all learnt things and are keen to show that traditional techniques can be used to do wonderful creative modern embroidery.”

winning mask 2014

winning mask 2014

 This year 225 entries were received. Arrienne Wynen, President of the Guild, explains how the judging took place and which prizes were up for grabs:

“The Peg Sadler Award for Original Embroidery was established in 2008 by Peg’s family in memory of their mother. Peg was a long standing member and supporter of the Embroiderers’ Guild with a keen interest in design. This award seeks to recognise outstanding original design as well as excellence in technique. All styles of embroidery are eligible. This year, as the overall standard was very high, the judges decided to also award highly commended certificates. Of the 225 entries, 95 were original designs and qualified for consideration. As the exhibition had a Venetian theme it was decided to award a prize for the best mask, another difficult choice for the judges.”

Venetian Lace Box

Venetian Lace Box

The recipients of the awards are:

The Peg Saddler Award: The linen lace group – Una Palazzo Veneziano d’Ora
Mask competition: Barbara Mullan
Highly commended: Sheana Davies – Tresoro di Vida bejewelled box
Highly commended: Arrienne Wynen – Venetian Lace box

Highly commended: Pat Michell – Venetia – gondola shaped mask
Highly commended: Beryl Kerslake – Pigeon at St Mark’s – photo realism & 3D
Highly commended: Margaret Lee – Chinese embroidery of fish – Prosperity
Highly commended: Christine P Bishop – 17th-century book cover
People’s choice: Margaret Lee – Chinese embroidery of Border Collie- Morag

Pigeon at St Mark's

Pigeon at St Mark’s

To learn more about the Guild, its activities, classes and groups visit their website at http://www.embguildsa.org.au/

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