About Ansie

Ansie – Textile Writer

My story starts in South Africa and weaves it’s way through Australia and the Middle East. To me textiles are like stories.

Spinning a yarn…   Weaving a tale…   Following a thread… 

All these metaphors use fibre, fabric, textiles, thread and yarn to refer to storytelling.  That is what I do. I find the story in the stiches, the tale in the textiles, and the chronicle in the craft. 

Textile travel is following that thread. Finding the artists, craftspeople, and artisans in the places where they spin their yarn, weave their tales, and follow their threads. 

When I’m not following stories for The Fabric Thread, I’m writing about textiles, travelling and fibre art as an independent writer and content creator. To learn more about my professional writing services, visit my writer’s page or LinkedIn profile.



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