Mary Jose book collectionText and textile – a glorious combination!

Most of the studios I visit contain equal amounts of fabrics and books. Textile lovers can’t help but be book lovers too, it seems!

Textile and fibre art books come in many shapes, sizes and formats. I prefer books which inspire, teach a skill or describe a way of doing things and looking at the world. I seldom read or review project books as I use books to inspire me to do my own thing, not give me instructions on how to copy someone else’s designs.

The choice of books to review as well as the opinions, thoughts and comments are my own. I try to keep up to date with new publications but are always open to recommendations and shout outs, so please feel free to share your latest find with me.

Lao-Tai Textiles – Patricia Cheesman

Brave new quilts – Kathreen Ricketson

Indigo – Catherine McKinley

Craft fiction

Please join the conversation. I love to hear from you!

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