• To inform and educate in a non-academic, informal and accessible way.
  • To provide support in the form of exposure to textile artisans and artisan enterprises.
  • To provide travel information and advice related to cultural textile experiences.
  • To celebrate the role of textiles as a medium in fine art.
  • To celebrate the cultural roots, history, social context, economic value and environmental impact of textiles and textile-related craft.
  • To encourage and support the documentation and publication of textile-related news, stories, history, and customs.


Values and Beliefs

  • Respect for cultural identity.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Ethical behaviour toward people, nature, culture, communities, and businesses.
  • Support for economically and ethically sound business practices including fair prices and fair wages.
  • The belief that for cultural crafts to survive and thrive it has to be relevant in the 21st century. We support social, economic and academic development that strives to achieve this.


Target Audience

  • textile artists, artisans and textile lovers.
  • artists and art lovers.
  • travellers, both real and armchair.
  • intelligent and curious.
  • respectful towards culture and the environment.
  • willing to support artists and artisans by buying their products, supporting their businesses, and travelling in an ethical manner.
  • positive and appreciative of the world as a diverse but wonderful place.


Social Responsibility

Giving tangible support to artisan development through Kiva loans. 



We celebrate diversity, creativity and vibrance by recording and publishing stories about textiles in the following ways:

  • reviews of exhibitions, books and shows
  • artist profiles
  • craft styles and techniques
  • art and craft organisations
  • museums and cultural institutions
  • travel stories
  • textile-related businesses
  • destinations
  • news
  • essays and personal opinion pieces

Reader contributions and personal stories are always welcomed.


Income model

To sustain the platform, cover expenses, and earn a living

  • I provide a range of advertising and sponsorship packages
  • I offer bespoke writing, content creation, editing and proofreading services
  • I am available for public speaking engagements, panel discussions and moderations, etc.
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