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In the same way many threads create one piece of fabric, many artists form one community. On this page I share links to people, organizations, guilds and groups whose aim and purpose it is to encourage and support fiber and textile art. The focus is on South Australia, but of course some threads will always stretch further than the edge of the cloth…

The Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia:
Handspinners and Weavers Guild of South Australia:
Quilters’ Guild of South Australia:
Handknitters Guild of South Australia:
Australian Lace Guild:
Rughooking Australia:
Australian Sewing Guild

TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Art, Ltd):
T’Arts (Textile and Arts Collective):

Anna Scott
Christine P Bishop
Taetia McEwen
Margaret Lee
Suzanne Gummow
Julie Haddrick
Alvena Hall
Sandy Elverd
India Flint
Joy Harvey
Margaret Marsh
Barbara Mullan
Liz Wauchope
Maude Bath
Susan Napoli
Pam Kelly
Cheryl Bridgart
Cathy Boniciolli
Maria Hilder
Samantha Pope
Sarah Bell
Francie Mewett
Deborah Cantrill
Tara Seekamp
Katherine Urban
Sylvia Piddington
Pam Holland
Michele Hill
Liz Steveson
Bev Bills

If you are a South Australian Fibre and Textile Artist and your name is not on here – let me know and I’ll add it.


This page is a work in progress. If you know of someone who should be mentioned here, please let me know.

Please join the conversation. I love to hear from you!

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