Episode 7: Natalie Fisher

I first became aware of Natalie’s work when I saw it at the Sharjah Islamic Art Festival in the UAE in January 2018. Needlepoint embroidery on a scale I have never seen before, depicting Islamic geometric designs, something I love, and all done by a fellow Australian. I had to know more!

Since then I have communicated with Natalie on several occasions, writing articles about her work for The Fabric Thread, for Inspirations Magazine, and for Textile Fibre Forum Magazine.


Natalie Fisher


Natalie has recently published her first book titled Ghorzah (Stitch in Arabic) where she shares her stitching journey through Morocco, the UAE, and Uzbekistan. In this episode, she shares her story.

The first stitches

Natalie tells where her first interest and love of needlepoint comes from, how her career developed in the early days, how her path first crossed with Islamic design, and how it changed her career forever.


Ghorzah Islamic Architecture in Needlepoint Natalie Fisher


The images

Photography is an integral part of her work and an essential component of her book. She explains how she uses images to translate zellige (Moroccan mosaics) designs to her needlepoint canvas.

The next step

From stitching tile motifs in Morocco, Natalie progressed to creating three-dimensional works for the Sharjah Islamic Art Festival. We learn how this event opened new doors for Natalie.



Samarkant Uzbekistan


The Silk Road

Natalie’s visit to Uzbekistan took her work in a new direction. She explains the difference in design between the Maghreb and the Silk Road and how she interpreted it.

The Book

Producing a book about her work, was Natalie’s lock-down project. She tells us how it came about and how she produced it.



Art Room Natalie Fisher


Full Circle

For her next project, Natalie works with Dr. Sam Bowker on a community art project in New South Wales, bringing her art career back to Australia and exploring new possibilities.

Artweave Originals, Natalie’s website

Ghorzah – order her book

@artweave_originals – Natalie’s Instagram account

Artweave Originals – Natalie’s Facebook page

Silk Inroads – Natalie’s community project at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW

Book Review: Ghorzah

*Copyright to all images belongs to Natalie Fisher. Reproduced here with permission.

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