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The Fabric Thread puts the text into textile – with a few added strands of travel, design, books and other beautiful things as embellishment.

If you love fabric, textiles, fibre art, embroidery, yarn and yarn crafts, and love the people who devote their time, energy and skills to these things, this is the place for you!

Here I talk to creative people – I get to walk into their studios, look at their work, ask them questions, and take lots of photos.

Adelaide and surrounds are blessed with extremely talented people working in all different genres of fibre and textile art. Join me as I introduce them to you, share their amazing work and craft with you, and so add some textile joy to all of our lives.

Sylvia Piddington Basket

My name is Ansie van der Walt. I am a freelance textile writer and sometimes maker. When I’m not hanging around other people’s studios or exhibitions, I’m probably busy with one of these:

  • I do freelance writing about fibre, textile, and needlework for a range of publications
  • I write a regular column for Inspirations Magazine
  • I sometimes take a break from writing by making things. My favourite is crochet but I also do other ‘makings’.
  • I am a mother of two teenage boys (a P-plater and an L-plater!) and a 7 year old girl


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Mary Jose textile collection

If you have a textile story to tell or know of someone who has – or you just want to chat – You can find me here:

Or leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. wiebina Post author

      Hi Katherine, that sounds fantastic! Please send a picture to The Fabric Thread Facebook page or you can email it to me. I would love to see it. I had a look at your website – your work looks just great.




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